iBooks Gift Cards Spotted

In case you were looking for an add on for that iPad you were planning on giving this year, Apple has apparently added a nifty new iTunes gift card format to the lineup.  It’s been relabeled as an iBooks gift card for those who maybe prefer to focus on books rather than other media within the iTunes Store.

iLounge spotted that Apple started selling gift cards for its iBookstore, in the form of and choices.

They note:

Based on an Apple Support Discussions thread from earlier in the year, it appears as though users were able to purchase standard iTunes Gift Cards for use in the iBookstore; the new cards remove any ambiguity customers may have had about whether or not an iTunes GC would be usable in the iBookstore, and will likely be popular add-ons to those purchasing iPads as a gift.

They also made mention in their report that while the new cards are available within Apple’s retail stores, they have also been spotted within Target as well.

Just to clear up any possible confusion though, the new gift cards function just the same as regular iTunes Store gift cards, which allow users to buy any iTunes Store, App Store, or iBookstore content that they want.  The new format is just so potential gift givers can focus on giving the gift books versus a regular iTunes Store gift card.  Apple has also offered up App Store gift cards in the past, that allowed for access to all content as well.

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