HP Not Trying To Emulate Apple


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Seems like everybody wants to either beat or be Apple these days in the tech world.  But HP’s Todd Bradley, a possible successor to outgoing CEO Mark Huard, would prefer that you believe HP isn’t trying to go that route.

Despite nothing being official, Bradley sure sounds like he’s being groomed for the CEO position.  He was asked whether he thought it was ethically wrong to charge so much for ink and responded, “ask me next year, if I take the [CEO] position.”  He also confirmed that HP would not be licensing webOS to other companies, and then was also quick to say “emulating Apple is not part of our strategy.” 

Bradley also made the promise that HP would sell 15 million webOS-based printers in the next year, and that tablets would blossom into a billion market within the next few years — which is an industry that HP is wanting to enter in a “big way.”  What “big way” that’ll be, only time’ll tell, but could be something to keep an eye on!

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