How do you develop my app idea?

How do you develop my app idea?

OK, so you’re interested in having an application developed for you or your company. Whether you’re an experienced professional or an individual with an innovative idea it can be a little overwhelming understanding the entire process of having an app developed on your behalf. We’ve got years of commercial experience in developing apps and millions of happy mobile app users, find out more.

Here is a brief breakdown of the steps involved. Don’t forget, we’re just a phone call away – so if you’re confused please get in touch!

If you’re serious about getting your idea onto the App Stores, the best thing to put a little plan together that explains the key features of your app. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, maybe just a Mind Map or a list of bullet points will do. Hone in on what will make your app stand out from everyone else. Some people have found this overwhelming, so we’ve put together a free download that might help you.

Also, this is the important part… it’s important to make sure your idea is protected (whether you decide to work with us or not) so that others can’t simply steal your idea. In order to do this, it is often beneficial to enter a two way Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Once we’ve both agreed to enter this agreement (and have signed documents to prove it), it’s important that you flesh your idea out in the form of a list of suggested features. If you have any data sources, resources, drawings or designs be sure to include them so that we can effectively understand your idea.

We’ll evaluate your ideas, suggest alternatives and be honest with our thoughts on your idea. We’ll then draw up some wireframes/designs and send over a detailed proposal for you to consider. Provided we have all the information we need, we will also include any development cost estimates and approximate timescales.

We believe in an honest partnership – so we will never over promise features which we know we can’t deliver. It’s important to be aware of the fact that although your idea might sound amazingly simple in principle, the iPhone/iPad OS is closed platform and some ideas may not be feasible as there are certain restrictions for applications. You shouldn’t be too concerned at this point because we will talk to you about this, but keep an open mind.

Once you’ve agreed to the project proposal, we’ll start laying down the foundations for the application. We use an agile software methodology called SCRUM, so we will develop your application in distinctive incremental phases.

At each phase of development, we will keep you in the loop with what’s going on with your project. We will also send you versions of your application to run directly on your mobile device.

There is nothing worse than software what doesn’t work… especially if your users are paying for the privilage.

We will test the application as part of our development process and also allow you to test the application on your own device. We’ll patch up any glitches and ensure your application is stable enough to be released onto the app store.

Here you have two options:

  • Sell via your own Developer Account
  • Sell via our account (free apps only)

If you want to publish the application under your own brand, you must subscribe to the ‘iOS Developer Program’ which is currently (at the time of writing) £59 per annum. You can find out more about this on the Apple website (click here) and also enroll online.

You’ll need to give us access to your iOS Developer Account in order for us to submit the application. Once the application has been submitted, you can control your own description and pricing. Any sales revenue will be paid directly to you from Apple.

If you want us to host the application for you, we will simply add it to our own iTunes account – but we only support free applications which don’t contain the Apple iAd platform.

We’ve developed a wide range of apps for clients and have millions of happy customers! If you think we sound like your cup of tea, then Contact Us.

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