How do I submit my app to the App Store?

How do I submit my app to the App Store?

If you’re a 57Digital customer the entire publishing process is managed by us on your behalf. However, for the curious amongst you… here is how it works!

Step 1 Testing

It’s vital that you make the perfect impression with your customer, therefore we will send you an exclusive version of the app to install on your iPhone.

Once you’re 100% happy with the app, you’ll need to tell us everything is okay before we proceed onto step two.

Step 2 Seller Information

We will send you a document which requests a bunch of information about your app, including: Seller name, App name, description, pricing info etc. You return this back to us and we will notify Apple about your sale requirements.

Step 3 Distribution

We will send Apple the final application for them to verify. Typically it can take between one and two weeks for Apple to ‘approve’ an application for sale within the App Store. If there are any problems, Apple will get in touch and let us know if we need to change anything.

Step 4 Enjoy the profits

Apple will wire any revenue directly into your registered bank account… allow you to buy something rather luxurious!

Technical Information

We don’t like using jargon, but here are the jargon terms we have to use:

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