Google TV May Be Delayed

We know when the new AppleTV will be making the scene, and that the Boxee Box is now available for pre-order. But what about Google TV? At first we heard that it would be arriving sometime this fall. A while back, that date was narrowed down to October 3–a date no doubt chosen to allow for the device to gain some traction with consumers before the full insanity of the holiday shopping season began.

If a leaked internal document from Best Buy holds any water, we’ll have to wait until  October 17–two additional weeks from Google TV’s first projected release date–before anyone has a chance to get their mitts on Google’s next generation cable box-media streaming device mash-up.

Given that the FCC has already cleared Google TV’s Logitech manufactured hardware, the decision to launch the product later most likely has little to do with whether or not its ready for prime time, and more to do with Apple’s ‘hobby.’ As it stands, there is a lot of speculation on how well the revamped AppleTV will fare with consumers. While the interface and diminutive size of Apple’s hockey puck-sized piece of awesome will no doubt gain it some living room love, its inability to purchase content might well hold it back from gaining a larger following. The new Apple TV interface only allows rental purchases. Perhaps Google is living in the hopes that those extra two weeks might provide enough time for undecided shoppers to be swayed by potential poor reviews that the AppleTV might garner.

Only time will tell.

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