Firefox 4 May Cut PowerPC Support

firefox 4

Yikes! First Apple’s own Snow Leopard cut support for PowerPC processors, and now it’s highly possibly that Firefox will follow suit. Firefox director Mike Beltzner himself has proclaimed that he’s gathering data on the number of PowerPC users use Firefox, but it’s unlikely that they will be supported anymore.

There are two reasons for the cut: Firefox 4 should be adding out-of-process plug-ins which help prevent crashes, and a new JavaScript compiler that’s similar to the one in Chrome and Safari. Beltzner says the new release will be faster and offer better performance, and that they may still develop a new version of Firefox speciflcally for PowerPCs. But, if they do, it may not even be called Firefox anymore.

The Firefox 4 beta launched on Tuesday, but isn’t quite stable yet. It’ll be a sad day when PowerPCs are phased out of developer’s minds–most of us still have one in great working condition, even if it is in the back of a closet. But, if you’re using a PowerPC regularly, you’re probably better off sticking to Safari for your browsing anyway–at least for now. Any PowerPC users surprised or outraged by this cut? Voice your opinion in the comments!

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