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Digital Publishing for the modern world

Since the inception of the Apple iPad we are already starting to see rapid increase in tablet computing, we believe it will be a revolution in the way we read publications.

Magazines and printed publications are one dimensional and will probably become a thing of the past in the very near future. As a reader, we naturally want to explore, share and engage in the content we read about. Readers will often read an interesting article and tell their friends about it on social networks – why not allow that process to seamlessly happen In-App whilst the user is reading your publication? You’ll be missing the chance to monetize and market your own publication brand if you don’t jump onboard.

We believe our platform is perfect for:

How can you help?

We’ve developed our very own digital publishing platform, making it extremely simple for you and your team to:

It’s very simple to get started and we’ve already invested many resources in making our platform as simple to use as possible. Why not enquire today?

What is it compatible with?

The digital publishing platform is compatible with iPhone 3.0+ and the iPad 3.2+. Certain restrictions may apply between models and operating system versions. Here is a summary of the supported devices:

How much does it cost?

We license our platform on a monthly per-publication basis, theres a small setup charge to brand your application, setup your account and publish your app to the Apple App Store. The monthly license cost is based on your predicted readership figures.

To get started, simply get in touch and we can discuss your requirements in further detail.

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