Boxee Ditches Mozilla Gecko, Adopts HTML5 and WebKit


We’ve got good news for all you Boxee users out there–according to GigaOm, Boxee Lead Apps Developer Rob Spectre says that Boxee’s current integrated browser, which is based on Mozilla Gecko, is going to be replaced by WebKit. The new browser, which will be included in the next major Boxee update, is an attempt to fully utilize HTML5 and should allow users to access even more video content.

As you may know, the current implementation of Mozilla Gecko was Boxee’s slap-dash way to access sites like Hulu, and it was always a little buggy. WebKit, which powers both Apple’s Safari and Google Chrome, should dramatically improve the browsers performance. Spectre contends HTML5 is the future of web browsing on other devices, so “it absolutely should be the future for the browsers you use on your TV.”

The new browser will not only be available as an update to the Boxee app, but also integrated into the new Boxee Box, which ships in November. Whether it will beat Google TV devices from Sony and Logitech, only time will tell.

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