Awesome Note Appears To Be Awesome

Note taking, appointments and to-do lists are a huge part of the lives of most of the Mac|Life staff. With the break-neck pace of modern life, there’s little doubt in our minds that many of you find yourself relying on a sticky notes, old school appointment books or dare we say it, an iOS app, to keep your days from running off the rails. If you lean towards App Store-based solutions and have been looking for a new way to keep your universe running smoothly, you could do far worse than giving Awesome Note a whirl.

What’s so awesome about Awesome Note? Well, we’ve not yet given it a go, but from the look of things, the application’s developers may well have stumbled upon a brilliant balance of portability and functionality, with integration into a some pretty popular third-party services to boot. By integrating a number of services such as to-do lists, calendars, and the capability to enter both typed or hand scribbled notes and pictures into a large number of categories, Awesome Note makes it possible to stay focused on your itinerary without having to move from App to App: iPhone Notes? Calendar? We’re talking about you!

Awesome Note also includes a few sweet extras like a recipe section, travel diary and a tab to stash away interesting quotations just to keep things um… interesting. What’s more, the App incorporates syncing to both Evernote and Google Docs. Is that not enough for you? How about Bluetooth note transfers between two iPhones rocking Awesome notes. Yeah, that’s pretty nifty. Sadly, as awesome as Awesome Note would appear to be, there’s currently no iPad version of it. That’s not so awesome.

If it sounds like it could just the App you’re looking for, head on over to the iTunes App Store.

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