Awesome Looking 1-Bit Ninja Messes With Perspective

1-Bit Ninja
1-Bit Ninja
may look like a simple retro throwback, and it is. But it’s also much more than that. It’s not just your average, run-of-the-mill Mario homage. It also has some really neat ideas. The announcement video shows off the ability to swipe the screen to turn the camera and make the 2D level into a 3D level.

Far from being just a neat parlor trick, the video shows that mechanic being used to gain a better view of the level. In some cases, the swiveling technique is shown to reveal new areas of the level that couldn’t previously be seen without the ability to change the perspective to 3D.

The game is also a faithful representation of its source material. It’s meant as a nostalgia trip back to old Game Boy and Game & Watch platformers. However, what’s old is new again thanks to 1-Bit Ninja’s nifty new ideas.

1-Bit Ninja is slated to release at the end of May.


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