Asia Proving To Be Too Humid For The iPhone


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We know we’ve certainly had a toasty summer here in the States.  We also know that our cellular devices can have a hard time keeping cool, especially the iPhone at times.  Apparently in Asia, iPhone users are also beginning to discover that the device also doesn’t really take well to 95 percent humidity either.

According to a report from The South China Morning Post, cases are on the rise of iPhone users having issues with voided warranties because of water damage, and that Asian message boards have skyrocketed with reports about users who found out that their iPhone’s liquid indicators were not doing well with the humidity.

But it’s not just in Asia.  Earlier in the year, a woman in the U.S. filed a class action suit because of positive readings with the iPhone’s moisture indicators.

Apple’s website claims that the indicators, which are positioned in the headphone jack and base of an iPhone, “are designed not to be triggered by humidity and temperature changes that are within the product’s environmental requirements described by Apple.”

The South China Morning Post also cited an example from Hong Kong resident Justin Hayward stating “If the limitation is over 95 percent humidity, they ought not to be selling the product here.  I find it quite believable – a real piece of corporate greed or a great oversight.”

Just the same, Hayward’s network did replace his iPhone for a fee.  But Hayward is also claiming to stick to his guns saying that he didn’t do anything to mess with the warranty – and that Apple needs to test iPhones in places of high humidity.

Have any readers out there had any troubles with their iPhones in places of high humidity?  Feel free to leave some comments below!

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