The Client

You may not have heard of Puckator, but their products are quite literally everywhere! We were asked to create a digital catalogue of products that could be used by their reps all around the world, which would allow them to create orders.

The Solution

We created a digital catalogue which allows users to create an account, view Puckator’s products, descriptions, and stock. The app then allows the user to create orders on an account. The app incorporates an order processing system and web services, as well as having push capabilities. The catalogue is available in different languages, and the products can be organised into different categories such as 'featured products'.

The Result

We worked closely with Puckator to create a fantastic catalogue that has quite honestly revolutionised their business! Their reps can quickly and easily create and manage orders on this simple-to-use app, which is currently being updated for use in even more languages!

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