Apple TV Nerdmageddon

We have to admit. We got carried away here during the big Apple TV news cycle filled as it was with rumor, speculation, and innuendo before the big music event (iTV anyone?). But maybe some of that speculation wasn’t totally off base?

It was confirmed some time ago that iProd 2,1 was the early name for Apple TV in the iOS package, just as iProd 1 was the iPad. But what’s this? According to Engadget, iProd 2,1 has more possibilities than mentioned in Steve Jobs’ keynote.


apple tv

They’re not channels, they’re apps!

Yes, since the latest iteration of Apple TV is going to be an iOS gadget, it seems incredibly likely that jailbroken hacked versions are all too possible. Could the newest Apple TV be re-imagined to include apps and a jailbreak iTV app store? With Apple TV running the latest of the iOS versions, it seems likely that just about any hacked iOS variant could be put on there, conceivably, then modded and tweaked just so.

We eagerly await the iPhone Dev community as they make our dreams come true, turning Apple TV into the media/gaming device we would love it to be. Please be sure to work on this kind of controller or at least a jailbreak app that makes it so. 

And a pony. Everyone wants a pony.



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