Apple Trains Legal Guns on Meizu

Sometimes in life, things are said in haste that can forever change the nature of a relationship. No matter how much one desires the ability to take back that which slipped past their lips, they know that, irrecoverably, their words have forever changed the way of things. We’re betting that Meizu CEO Jack Wong is spending his day pondering what exactly it was that he was thinking last month. You see, on September 9, Mr. Wong, who’s company is renowned across Asia for the production of the very finest Apple mobile knock-offs, quipped that he felt the latest iteration of the iPod touch looked “a bit like the M9II”–Meizu’s flagship smartphone. A little over a month after opening his mouth, it appears that Apple has turned their legal guns to bear on Wong and his iPhone riffing company.

Never, as the Joker said, rub another man’s rhubarb.

According to Everything Meizu, the forums on the Chinese manufacturer’s corporate site have been on fire after Wong revealed that the company had been in “negotiations” with Apple. Wong went on to say that he felt that Apple’s negotiating tactics were unfair, and that with the China’s unpredictable IP lawsmakers leaning on Meizu, the future of the company’s current line of products was looking a touch bleak.

So yeah… if you come across Jack Wong in your wanderings, give him a hug. From the way things are looking he can most likely use all the moral support he can get his mitts on. 


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