Apple Spends A Cool Million on Google AdWords

Understanding Google AdWords

Apple and Google may rattle their sabers every so often over browsers, cell phones and operating systems, but they appear to remain cozy pals when it comes to the ad dollars Cupertino is dropping into AdWords each month.

AppleInsider is reporting that a leaked internal document from Google has shed some light on just how much cold, hard cash big companies are dropping into the search giant’s AdWords service each month — with competitor Apple throwing nearly a cool million bucks into the service over the span of a month.

The leaked document was obtained by AdAge, who offers an insider glimpse into the value of search-related advertising through Google. Nearly matching chip maker Intel, Apple is said to have spent “just under million” on Google AdWords in the month of June alone. If that’s on average, it means that Cupertino is potentially dropping million (or more) into Google search ads every year.

Despite Apple’s payout, there were 47 advertisers in June who spent more than a million bucks. 71 companies clocked in between 0,000 and million, while an additional 357 spent between 0,000 and 0,000 during the month. The majority of advertisers appear to spend between ,000 and 0,000 — 1,356 of them, to be exact.

The big kahuna for the month of June is none other than Apple’s carrier partner in the U.S., AT&T, which used AdWords to make a big push for Cupertino’s new iPhone 4. They spent a whopping .08 million on AdWords advertising alone in the month of June, but are actually only the third largest advertiser on the service (at least in the U.S.), having spent a total of .8 billion last year. On the lower end of the scale, a major brand like Disney actually spent less than 0,000 via AdWords in June of this year.

Google AdWords appears to be a small part of Apple’s overall advertising budget — in their 2009 Form 10-K filing with the SEC, the company revealed that it had spent 1 million in all of last year for advertising alone. That figure is actually much less than competing tech companies such as Microsoft, but Apple tends to get a lot more bang for their advertising buck as well.

Google had no comment on the leak of the figures, and is busy trying to figure out exactly how it happened to they can presumably plug that hole for good.

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