Apple Looking Into Scrollable Toolbars and Menus For Lion


(Image courtesy of AppleInsider)

It looks like sometimes simple could very well be better.  A new Apple patent has revealed that the company could be looking into a new graphical UI that would allow for devices that are running either Mac OS X or iOS to be able to cut down on toolbars and menus, thus reducing some of that pesky screen clutter.

The reveal comes from Patently Apple, and the plans revealed in a patent application that was filed last week in Europe, users would be able to select an area and then scroll through menu items, which allows for a larger choice of options that could then be displayed on the screen at once.

The filing also made note that toolbars and menus for the usual commands, like opening a file or saving a document, “can take up valuable real estate in the graphical user interface.”

“For example, a user does not want a floating tool palette that takes up too much of the screen,” reads the patent.  “As more options get added to a tool palette, the tool palette must get larger or the size of the options must get smaller.”

Apple’s filing also states that the feature would allow for an application to display all of the options on a menu or toolbar while at the same time not taking up a large amount of space. 

For more images of the patent, head here.  Let us know if you like what you see thus far in the comments below.  Possibly visually pleasing, or not so much?

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